San Diego Brain And Head Injury Attorneys

Dealing with a brain injury can be incredibly hard. Trying to get justice can be even harder.

From medical appointments and expenses to changes in family functioning to coping with behavioral shifts in a loved one, your life may have been altered in huge ways. You may wonder if a lawsuit will be worth the trouble.

At the law firm of Parker Thorson, we understand that medical providers, insurance companies and other parties may add insult to injury by denying the truth and denying you the compensation you should receive for your losses and suffering. As your attorneys, we can do something about it.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable | Winning Maximum Compensation

At Parker Thorson, based in San Diego County, we hold negligent parties accountable in cases involving brain injury. We are known for winning cases and obtaining full and fair compensation for our clients. Our extensive experience in this area of the law includes:

  • All types of traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Car, truck and motorcycle accident injuries caused by careless, drunk and distracted motorists, as well as by dangerous automotive products and road conditions
  • Medical malpractice related to birth injuries, including negligence that has been covered up by hospitals
  • Cases involving violent assaults and other crimes
  • Cases involving fraud, insurance bad faith and other shameful actions that can be decisive in a case
  • Arranging for specialized medical care required for brain injury-related conditions

We are civil prosecutors, litigators who prepare every case for jury trial — not for quick, easy settlement. We are unwilling to compromise when there is a lot at stake for our clients.

Passion, Service And A Commitment To Doing What Is Right

Our firm takes on a small number of significant cases so we can devote our time and energy to winning those cases and providing superior client service from start to finish. We communicate regularly with all of our clients, providing essential support, education and advocacy.

Founding attorneys Cassandra C. Thorson and Julie K. Parker are passionate about serving others, and they are committed to doing what is right and fair — in court and out of court.

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