Teresa Bailey:
Hiring Parker|Thorson was the best decision I've ever made.  When the Defendants caused brain injury to my baby and tried to cover it up, Parker|Thorson exposed the fraud and got us the best justice possible. 

Kevin Hoopfer:
After I was attacked, my whole life fell apart.  Parker|Thorson helped me get treatment for my brain injury and for the rest of my life.  I love them. 

Patience Onyegbule:
When the Defendant's claimed my daughter's developmental problems weren't their fault, Parker|Thorson showed that the Defendants caused brain injury at birth.  Parker|Thorson proved the truth.

Catherine Race:
We were defrauded big time.  The Defendants were the biggest scoundrels we ever met.  Parker|Thorson unveiled their fraud in the Courtroom.  We felt vindicated. 

Linda Townson:
Parker|Thorson were tigers on my case.  I was thrilled I had them fighting for me.  They made the fraudulent Defendant pay.