Brain Injury Treatment And Recovery

Injury to the brain can cause a plethora of serious medical conditions. Some brain injuries are caused by the negligence or misconduct of someone other than the person who was hurt — that's where we come in.

The good news is that many types of brain injuries, even serious injuries, are treatable. With perseverance and expert care, some patients can experience significant recovery, while others celebrate even the smallest of improvements.

Representing Injured People And Their Families | Protecting Our Clients' Rights

At the law firm of Parker Thorson, based in San Diego County, we concentrate on major lawsuits related to brain injury. We are a highly focused practice, not a general personal injury firm. We take our work seriously — the work of holding negligent parties accountable and obtaining maximum compensation for our clients' life-altering losses. Our lawyers prepare every case for jury trial.

As your attorneys, a big part of our job will be to help you concentrate your energy on your recovery (or your loved one's recovery) by handling all aspects of your case, including helping you receive the specialized care brain injuries require. This treatment can be expensive, and we can help.

We fiercely protect our clients' legal rights. We provide an exceptionally high level of service. We treat every case as if it were our only case.

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If you are seeking a California attorney for brain injury treatment and recovery, talk to Parker Thorson about your case. We can answer your questions about symptoms and diagnoses and explain what legal options you may have. Contact us for a free consultation.