Birth-Related Brain Injuries

Injury to an infant's brain can have long-lasting effects. In particular, oxygen deprivation during birth can damage areas of the brain related to important aspects of a child's development and functioning.

Some birth injuries occur as a result of medical negligence. These injuries can include cerebral palsy caused by an anoxic condition (lack of oxygen to the brain).

If your family has experienced a birth-related brain injury, you may have questions that need answering. You may be wondering if a lawsuit is appropriate.

Holding Negligent Medical Providers Accountable

Parker Thorson is a highly focused law firm based in San Diego County. We concentrate our practice on brain injuries, holding negligent parties responsible when their actions have caused a serious injury:

  • We use experts to research medical records and determine exactly what occurred during a birth.
  • We aggressively sue hospitals, medical providers and health care entities that shirk their responsibilities, act fraudulently and deny that wrongdoing occurred.
  • We obtain full and fair compensation for our clients, which may relate to severe pain, loss of life, past and future medical treatment and punitive damages.

Every case is different. Our firm can help you make sense of your case, while providing advocacy and support during a difficult time.

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