Traumatic brain injuries and associated problems

Many California residents suffer traumatic brain injuries in accidents every year. The injuries may result over time with swelling or they may be sudden. These injuries may cause many different problems and deficits, some permanently debilitating. The extent of the injury and the location of it determine the severity of the deficits from which a person may suffer.

Traumatic brain injuries may cause problems with cognitive abilities, speaking, swallowing, physical abilities and the ability to feel. People may also suffer from behavioral changes due to the injury. Physical issues can include dizziness, chronic headaches, difficulty moving and problems with loss of muscle strength. The loss of sensory abilities can include all of the abilities to feel, including touch, smell, sight or hearing, or affect some of them.

Cognitive problems can lead to confusion, the inability to solve simple problems and reasoning problems. People may also have severe behavioral changes and be prone to outbursts and aggression. Common communication problems resulting from a traumatic brain injury can include difficulty with forming and producing speech, difficulty with understanding the speech of others, speaking in a very slurred and hard to understand fashion and other issues.

A traumatic brain injury can led in many cases to a permanent disability. When the injury is caused by the negligence or wrongful actions of another person, the victim may want to consider filing a personal injury civil lawsuit. Through such an action, severely injured plaintiffs can in many cases recover damages to pay for their medical expenses, lost income and the lifetime of care they will need. Those who have been so affected may want to speak with a personal injury attorney.

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