Brain injuries and energy drinks

According to recent research, there is a strong link between traumatic brain injury in teens and the consumption of energy drinks. A neurosurgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital believes that significant caffeine consumption alters the makeup of the brain, which can make it harder for a patient to recover. Therefore, a TBI can be especially harmful for California teens because their brains are still developing.

It is believed that young athletes may drink them to get an energy boost or may be more likely to drink them because a popular athlete has endorsed it. Furthermore, many teens and their parents assume that energy drinks are like soda or other soft drinks and are not harmful in the long term. However, those who do research into their effects say that they are powerful stimulants that can impact a student’s ability to learn while in school.

Those who have suffered a brain injury may need long-term treatment for the injury and its side effects. This may include spending time in the hospital, in physical therapy or with mental health professionals. It thus may be advisable for an injured victim to work with an attorney in filing a lawsuit against the person or entity that caused the injury seeking compensation for the costs of treatment.

Damages may be awarded by a jury after a trial or as part of a settlement negotiated outside of court. These could include medical expenses, lost wages and lost future earnings for those who are unable to return to work. If an injured person has dependents, money may be provided to help care for their current and future needs.

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