New rules aim to make football safer for California athletes

To make the game safer, the National Football League has hired a medical doctor to serve as a health and medical adviser to the league. Her mission will be to make sure that player safety needs are balanced with putting an entertaining product on the field for fans. After a player suffers a serious injury, he will be taken off of the field and examined using a standardized checklist.

However, it is acknowledged that players may want to take steps to get back on the field even when they are hurt because of their competitive nature. Also, players take pride in being able to play through any pain that they experience. To reduce the risk of injury, the health and medical adviser says that there will be rule changes related to how players tackle and protective gear that they wear. Making the game safer could help the NFL win over parents who may hold their kids out of youth leagues.

In addition to actions taken to make the on-field product safer, the league has also taken action off of the field. It recently invested $30 million for research being done by the National Institutes of Health to help detect brain injury and better protect the brain. It is believed that this research may have implications beyond the NFL when it comes to brain injuries.

Although these types of injuries are a risk of high-contact sports, many people suffer brain damage as a result of the negligence of another. In some cases, a personal injury attorney may determine that a lawsuit should be filed on behalf of the injured victim seeking damages from the at-fault party that could include medical expenses and other amounts.

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