Child Brain Injuries Attorney

Having a child with a brain injury can be one of the worst events that can happen to a parent. Such injuries can slow down their growth and development. The toll such a situation takes on the parents or guardians is quiet extensive. The parent or guardian may lose their job because of all the time that a brain injured child demands be spent with them. Loss of friends and family may result as well. These losses are made all the worse when the child’s injury is a result of negligence or malpractice.

Child brain injury attorneys at Parker Thorson will work with you every step of the way to get justice for your child’s brain injury. The firm handles brain hemorrhaging, post-concussion syndrome, ‘secondary insult’ that may follow after the initial concussion, paralysis, mood and behavioral disorders, birth related injuries, and seizures. If a child’s brain injury resulted from a dangerous or defective product or being in an unsafe environment while on private premises, know that the attorneys at Parker Thorson have successfully litigated and won these types of cases many time before.

Many types of brain injuries are treatable; some are even reversible if the parent or guardian has the ability to take corrective action. With 54 combined years of litigation experience the Parker Thorson office in San Diego, CA is the one to call. They are a specialized law firm that takes on only a few clients at a time to be able to prepare every case for court and receive maximum compensation for their clients, often-times in eight digit figures. Having a child with a brain injury is a trying time for any family, the professional and compassionate attorneys at Parker Thorson will take care of the legalities so that the family can take care of the child.

If you need a Child Brain Injury Attorney in San Diego, CA give Parker Thorson Attorneys at Law a call for a free consultation.

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