Finding a Head Injury Lawyer

Sustaining a head injury can change a person’s entire life in just a few moments. Getting injured as a result of negligence on the part of a trusted party, such as a medical professional or a medical institution, is unfair and should be put right by those with experience in such matters. Head injury lawyers at Parker Thorson Attorneys at Law are experts in the litigation of head injury cases.

Most of the after-effects of a head injury are negative and need to be addressed accordingly. The cerebral cortex is composed of occipital, parietal, frontal and temporal lobes and is the most susceptible to injury. These lobes are responsible for various processes, that together, compose the higher functions of the human mind. Functions such as decision making and other conscious actions, it is because of their proximity to the surface that this area of the brain sustains the most injury. The brain stem and the cerebellum are responsible for involuntary functions and physical body movements, respectively. Leaving the basal ganglia in charge of coordinating all these various parts of the brain.

The head injury attorneys are well versed in the different types of head injuries that can occur and how to bring the responsible parties to justice. Attorneys at Parker Thorson have successfully sued large, powerful institutions and come away with millions of dollars in compensation for their clients. They have recently won $16.75 million lawsuit against a major San Diego hospital. They take on only a few clients at a time, which gives them the ability to be fully dedicated to each case and prepare every one of them for court. Attorneys at Parker Thorson are ready to take every single case to trial to receive the maximum compensation for their clients, instead of agreeing to a settlement.

If you need a San Diego Head Injury Lawyer, give Parker Thorson Attorneys at Law a call for a free consultation.

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