Finding a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in San Diego

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a serious head injury that may result from a variety of factors. A car accident, a fall or any blow to the head, can all result in a traumatic brain injury.
The traumatic brain injury lawyers at Parker Thorson Attorneys at Law are well versed in aggressively pursuing potentially guilty parties, such as drunk drivers and doctors, as well as hospitals and even manufacturers to receive justice and compensation for their clientele. They take on a small number of clients at a time; this gives them the ability to focus on the individual and give each case the time it deserves, in such a manner they are able to receive the highest possible compensation for the injured party. These TBI attorneys use experts in the field of head trauma and special technologies to present their case in court in a compelling manner.

A traumatic brain injury may lead to a disruption of chemical and hormonal production in the brain and surrounding areas, these changes most often present themselves through personality changes, mood disorders and unusual behaviors. Unfortunately, many times this alienates the injured party. The traumatic brain injuries lawyers are professionals and have experience in working with clients that have suffered these types of injuries.

In San Diego County, Parker Thorson Attorneys at Law specialize in complex brain injury cases. They can advise their clients on many aspects of the case; a post-concussive syndrome which may last months after the initial injury was sustained, frontal lobe injury, and the less then desirable side-effects of irritability, depression, mood swings and difficulty concentrating. Traumatic Brain Injury attorneys assist their clients throughout the whole process with resources and know-how, which reduces the stress and anxiety that a lawsuit tends to place on those involved.

If you need a San Diego Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer, give Parker Thorson Attorneys at Law a call for a free consultation.

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