Financial Compensation: Knowing Whom to Trust

A traumatic head injury cannot only be traumatic physically and mentally but also emotionally. A severe head injury can change the whole trajectory of one’s life. Your and your family’s plans will now have to take a backseat as you work on seeking treatment and healing from the injury.

The first days after your traumatic head injury will test your will power. Once you’ve shaken off the effects of the initial blow, it’s time to think about financial compensation. If you’ve felt like you’ve been wronged in any way, you should consult a brain injury Attorney in the San Diego area.

The period right after a head injury will no doubt be a sensitive time in your life. You’ll need to talk with a team of experts who understand your situation and have dealt with people who are feeling the same way you’re feeling. Brain injury attorneys as law, Parker and Thorson know what you’re going through and have a tried and true record of helping victims in your position.

Kevin Hoopfer suffered life-long side effects as a result of being thrown to the ground headfirst by a security guard in a case that became widely popular in the greater San Diego area. During this difficult period Hoopfer says that “After I was attacked, my whole life fell apart. Parker and Thorson helped me get treatment for my brain injury and for the rest of my life. I love them.” Hoopfer’s story is just one of many that go to show that Parker and Thorson can be counted on when it comes to helping victims recover emotionally and financially from traumatic brain injuries.

If you think it’s time to consult professionals for help, you know whom to call. Parker and Thorson are here to assist those who ask for it; you’re not alone in this fight.

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