Four Responses to a Head Injury

Any injury to the head can be a relatively scary experience. Depending on the impact to the head, the victim of the accident may never be the same. Though before any lasting effects have manifested, you’ve got to deal with the situation at hand and San Diego has several options. What are the usual responses that people have when they’ve just witnessed or experienced a head injury?

What Just Happened?
If you just sustained a brain injury, you’re probably in a bit of a confused state of mind. If you have friends and family, then you might be surrounded by caring people who will assess the situation for you. If you’re not around others, you should take a moment to examine the situation yourself.

Should I Go to the Hospital?
If you’re experiencing any symptoms such as fatigue, confusion, a headache, or anything more severe, you should immediately head to the hospital. Head or brain injuries are no joking matter.  If you believe there is a possibility of damage to the brain or skull caused by a blow to the head, you should consult an expert.

That Hurt, But I’m Probably Fine
Probably is a word that should never be used when talking about head injuries. When dealing with something as integral as the brain you never want to take any chances. It may be a nuisance to change your whole schedule to see a doctor, but you’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t take yourself or a loved one to the hospital.  In many cases, a potentially devastating condition can be avoided if caught early.  Also, if further legal action is to be pursued, every head injury attorney would advise having a medical record of the damage.

Whose Fault is This?
If you believe that someone is at fault for your injury or a head injury of someone you care about, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. If you don’t want to unfairly carry the burden of this incident, consult with your local San Diego Head Injury Lawyer. Brain injuries can be traumatic enough without having to worry about the financial burden that awaits.

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