What’s A Fitting Punishment for Stealing a Laser Pointer?

In 2013, Kevin Hoopfer walked into Fry’s Electronics in Murphy Canyon San Diego with intent to steal a $35 laser pointer. However, his plan wasn’t carried out as smoothly as he had hoped. Upon witnessing the act, Fry’s security guard held Hoopfer’s arms to his side, picked him up and threw him headfirst into the concrete. If you ask Mr. Hoopfer what happened, he will come up blank. After the piledriver that was witnessed by two shoppers, Kevin sustained a traumatic brain injury

While we’re not privy to how Kevin Hoopfer is dealing with the injury nowadays, we can speculate as to how his life is playing out. When it comes to living with a dysfunctional brain a myriad of problems may arise. Daily tasks such as waking up and brushing your teeth may become nearly impossible to complete without assistance. Simple solutions that are derived from basic reasoning may be difficult to find. Speech and language may be impaired, whole areas of the brain may be drastically harmed or even rendered ineffective. Even retaining the personality that someone had before the injury may be an impossibility. Extroverts may become chronically depressed, or once calm and easy going people may become upset and manic. There really is no telling how one will respond to a traumatic head injury.

No matter how Kevin Hoopfer was affected, we can assume that his life will never be the same. Visits to the doctor, medication, therapy and possibly constant care is now likely to be part of his daily routine. Kevin wouldn’t be able to manage this costs had it not been for his San Diego-based traumatic brain injury attorneys, Julie Parker and Cassandra Thorson. The litigation battle of these two brain injury lawyers with Fry’s Electronics helped secure Mr. Hoopfer the money he needs to care for himself after his traumatic and lifelong head injury.

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